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was mad at john boehner at this point. is there any way that you all can re-create the party by runninging against your fellow republicans? washington? >> republicans aren't always going to agree with each other. we don't have to change the debate, we should be debating, we should be talking. but we have to, just unite on our principals, our principals of limiteded government. as a mayor, it's pretty simple for me, i ask myself three questions whenever i make a decision about anything. is it affordable, is it sustainable, is it my job? where we get into trouble is when we start dividing and start figuring out, you know, somebody uses opportunity for political gain here, or somebody uses an opportunity for something else, we have to start uniting on our principles and start communicating that to the american people. we would do so much better. >> i want to put up some of the exit polls and basically what they show is anyone from 18 to 39 boobama won all the young people. latino, 71%. and the republican party doesn't want to be the party that goes after segments of society. how do you attrac
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)

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